Max & Aimee's wedding

A couple of weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of shooting at Max and Aimee's wedding near Redhill. Having perhaps only taken photos at 4 weddings and filmed at 2 in the 13 years I've owned a camera, I was pretty nervous about getting it right. One of the reasons I've never advertised or pursued wedding photography is because it's not a shoot you can afford to get wrong, and I've never been nearly as comfortable with my ability to nail wedding photography as I am with music. At least with band portrait shoots or live music the very worse thing that can happen if you get it wrong is having to re-do the shoot, or go to another show, not that this has ever happened, but it's a nice comfort blanket to know that IF it does go tits up at least it wasn't a wedding.

I really needn't have been worried at all. On the day Max and Aimee's family and friends were very welcoming, and it helped a lot in making me feel instantly at ease and comfortable. The wedding blessing took place outside in such a beautiful countryside setting so arriving to discover I had natural lighting to work with was quite exciting in itself, especially as all the weddings I have shot in the past have all been inside a church or registry office. I just had to deal with the change in light, as the weather was being fairly sporadic and couldn't make up its mind whether it was supposed to be an overcast or sunny day.

I'm really delighted with the pics from the day. Massive congrats to Max and Aimee!

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