1hr, 1.5hrs & Bespoke timings TBA

Mobile lighting - Portraits
A hands on, practical photography workshop, demonstrating how to use speed lights (flash guns) as affordable, mobile lighting, to take engaging images of individuals and groups of people.

Content and Learning outcomes include:
- Setting up and using mobile lighting.
- The effects of using mobile lighting versus natural lighting, inside or outside, to achieve different looks.
- Using any location to its best advantage, and how to spot the backgrounds that work best.
- Positioning your subject for best image composition.
- Directing your subject effectively.
- Now it's your turn - Get hands on (with a model or band member/s - supplied by myself)

Recommended number per session: 12
Requirements: An outside location on or near campus, plus a back up indoor location for bad weather.
Student requirements: own camera useful but not essential.

Technical - Editing
'From camera to portfolio' - A practical workshop that takes you step by step through the process of selecting and editing live music and/or portrait images. Using Adobe software (Lightroom and Photoshop) to enhance your photos to create eye-catching, dynamic imagery.

Content and Learning outcomes include:
- Slideshow and examples of my own work.
- What makes a great live music/portrait photo?
- How to choose only the best images from a set to edit.
- Colour correction.
- Blemish removal.
- Removal of unwanted objects and cloning.
- To crop or not? Looking at compositions that work, and the rule of thirds.

Recommended number per session: Dependant on number of computers available.
Requirements: Computer suite with Adobe products installed.  Interactive whiteboard with HDMI connection for laptop.
Student requirements: own unedited images desirable but not essential as can provide.
Adaptation: Can be adapted for video using Premiere Pro.

MH work example 3jpg

Seminar Talks

Durations: 1hr, 1.5hrs & Bespoke timings TBA

Recommended number per session:
Requirements: Interactive white board with HDMI connection for laptop.

All sessions include a Q&A.

For Performing Artists: The importance of professional visual content to help get you and your music noticed

Content and Learning outcomes include:
- The advantages of acquiring professional images and video.
- What do you need to consider when arranging a shoot? Who to ask for advice and how to research photographers.
- How important is style, do I need a style and how do I discover what mine is?
- What to take to a photo shoot and what to expect from it.
- How a photographer works with their subject to get the best shots.
- What if as an artist I want to go DIY - What do I need and how do I do it?

DIY music photography and video
Question: Do you need expensive equipment and massive production to create professional looking, eye catching visual content? Here's how to do it DIY style.

Content and Learning outcomes include:
- Slideshow and examples of my own work.
- What are the bare essentials to get started as a music photographer/film maker? Show and tell of all the equipment I use.
- Checklist essentials for planning a photo shoot or music video.
- How to use and adapt any location.
- Lighting options - how to gauge what you need and how to use what may already be at your disposal.
- How to create the studio look without a studio or a pop up backdrop. 

'I want to be a music photographer!' (For budding music photographers)

Motivational and educational insight to my own story and Industry success.  How a mother of 2 turned a passion for live music and photography into a career, and how you can too.

Content and Learning outcomes include:
- Tips on how to get started and what you need.
- What makes a photo eye-catching and dynamic?
- How to take great live music photos.
- How to create a good portfolio.
- How to effectively self-promote,  get your work noticed and break into a competitive industry.
- The importance of networking.
- How to seek and gain employment.

Music fan to professional photographer – My Journey to employment in the dream job.

A heavy content led presentation of my personal journey of photography and video - from starting off as music fan with a domestic camera to a full-time career as an established music photographer and videographer. With all the adventures in between (including amusing anecdotes and life experiences, as well as essential learning processes).

Inspirational, informative with key points to take away for students to start a creative thought process to move towards their goals within the creative industries as well as photography.